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Be Real-Time: Develop and Manage your Event-Driven APIs

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Most organizations are adopting an event-driven architecture (EDA) to compete in a world where customer satisfaction requires real-time outcomes. Join us for this hands-on workshop where we’ll build and expand your toolbox by learning how an Event Portal, paired with industry standard specifications and frameworks, enable a smooth journey to bring your EDA from initial architecture and design to code running in production while also setting your team up for success as the business needs, architecture and applications themselves are enhanced over time.

Attendees will participate in a step-by-step guided tutorial where they will extend an existing EDA and develop event-driven microservices.

Throughout this workshop we will get hands on and talk about:

PubSub+ Event Portal
• Architect, Design and extend an EDA which includes multiple Applications, Events and Schemas.
• Navigate the Event Catalog to find existing events and schemas
• Use Discovery capability to see what you have in runtime and audit for changes

• AsyncAPI is an open initiative for defining asynchronous APIs, providing a specification, and tooling such as code generation.
• Use the AsyncAPI Generator to generate skeleton code and object models for event-driven microservices


Marc DiPasquale

Developer Advocate @Solace

Marc is a Developer Advocate with extensive engineering experience in the public and private sector across multiple domains including healthcare, aviation and weather imagery processing. He has been using event-driven techniques and methodologies throughout his career and is excited by its elevation to the mainstream. Marc works with prospective and existing clients to enable the development of modern and reactive applications. 


Jonathan Schabowsky

Senior Architect @Solace

Jonathan Schabowsky is a senior architect in Solace's Office of the CTO. His expertise includes architecting large-scale, mission critical enterprise systems in various domains, such as for the FAA, satellite ground systems (GOES-R) and healthcare. Recently, Jonathan has been focused on the use of event-driven architectures for microservices and their deployments into platform-as-a-services (PaaS) running within public clouds. 


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Friday Nov 13 / 12:00PM PST (2 hours )



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Anyone can join and participate in the discussion!

If you want to get hands-on with Java

  • Sign-up for Solace Cloud + Start a Messaging Service
  • Java 8+ JDK (Check using java -version)
  • Maven 3.3+ (Check using mvn -version)
  • Node.js v12.16+ (Check version using node -v)
  • npm v6.13.7+ (Check version using npm -version)
  • Your favorite Java IDE

If you want to get hands-on with Python

  • Sign-up for Solace Cloud + Start a Messaging Service
  • Python version 3.8+
  • Node.js v12.16+ (Check version using node -v)
  • npm v6.13.7+ (Check version using npm -version)
  • Your favorite Python IDE

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