Reactor: Mastering Concurrency

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Key Takeaways

1Learn the very basics of Reactor, like `map` and `flatMap`

2Understand what is a scheduler, when you need it and how to tune it

3Successfully improve latency by introducing declarative concurrency

4Troubleshoot most common mistakes and pitfalls

During the workshop, we'll learn enough of Project Reactor to run complex business logic concurrently.

No prior experience with reactive programming is required.

The workshop is an exclusive hands-on experience with no slides but 100% exercises.

I'll guide you through the details of Reactor from the very beginning.

By the end of the class, you'll know how to improve latency and throughput of your applications with a few simple patterns.


Tomasz Nurkiewicz

Java Champion, CTO @devskiller, Podcaster & Trainer

Spent half of his life on programming, for the last decade professionally in Java land. Loves back-end and data visualization. Passionate about alternative JVM languages. Disappointed with the quality of software written these days (so often by himself!), hates long methods and hidden side effects. Interested in charting, data analysis, and reactive programming. Believes that computers were invented so that developers can automate boring and repetitive tasks. Also their own.

On a daily basis works in the e-commerce sector. Involved in open-source, DZone’s Most Valuable Blogger, used to be very active on StackOverflow. Author, trainer, podcaster, conference speaker, technical reviewer, runner. Claims that code not tested automatically is not a feature but just a rumour. Wrote a book on RxJava for O'Reilly.

Find Tomasz Nurkiewicz at:

Friday Nov 6 / 09:00AM PST (3 hours )



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  • No prior Reactor experience needed
  • Familiarity with lambda expressions since Java 8
  • A computer with any Java IDE, git
  • JDK version 9 or newer
  • This project cloned and imported to your IDE:

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