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Getting Started With Kubernetes and Container Orchestration

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Key Takeaways

1 Understand the major goals and objectives of kubernetes

2 Learn how kubernetes is architected

3 Understand how to deploy and operate a service on kubernetes

Kubernetes (K8s) is a very powerful tool, primarily concerned with orchestrating and automating the deployment and management of networked applications.

Understanding how Kubernetes works makes you an effective power user for building higher-level platforms. This workshop is aimed at technologists and team leads looking to lift up the hood and understand what are all the major parts of k8s in a fast-paced half-day session. 

Attend if you want to answer the questions below.

  • What is the overall architecture of K8s?
  • What problems does K8s solve out of the box vs. expecting users to bring a solution for?
  • What are the defacto industry standards that Kubernetes has catalyzed?
  • What is a K8s controller and how does it work?  
  • What kinds of controllers are there, and what roles do they play?  
  • What processes run on a K8s master node?
  • What processes run on a K8s worker node?
  • Exactly what is a pod, or a container in a pod?
  • What is a container runtime and what role does it play within a k8s cluster?
  • How does K8s schedule and launch a container?
  • How does pod security and role-based access control (RBAC) work in Kubernetes?
  • How does networking in K8s work?  
  • How does K8s integrate with load balancers? Or other cloud resources?

The workshop will answer these questions through a series of demos, slides, and hands on exercises. The goal is to help attendees connect the dots and understand how all the components and processes of k8s fit together to create a composable, extensible kernel for managing networked applications and systems.

Audience: Anyone with a basic understanding of containers who wants to learn more about orchestration. Will look at things through a developers lens.


Wes Reisz

Platform Architect @VMware & Creator/Co-host of #TheInfoQPodcast, previous VP of Technology @Section

Wesley Reisz is Platform Architect at VMware and former VP of Technology at Section (an Edge Compute Platform). Wes also chairs the San Francisco edition of QCon.Before VMware, Wes served as the product owner for all of the English speaking QCon conferences worldwide, was a...

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Jeff Butler

Senior Platform Architect @VMware

Jeff is a solution engineer for VMware covering all things related to containers, Kubernetes, and Cloud Foundry for VMware customers in Indiana and Western Michigan. Jeff has a long history of leading successful application development teams throughout the Midwest. As a developer, his...

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Friday Nov 6 / 03:30PM EST (3 hour )


Level Intermediate



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Attendees should have basic container knowledge, operating system knowledge (of their choice), and the ability to ssh into a linux machine. 

Technical requirements:

  • Internet access and a machine running MacOS,Windows, or Linux.
  • SSH client and web browser
  • A Cloud-based Kubernetes cluster will be provided to each attendee, accessible over the Internet.

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Platform Architect @VMware & Creator/Co-host of #TheInfoQPodcast, previous VP of Technology @Section

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Java Champion, CTO @devskiller, Podcaster & Trainer

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Principal Platform Architect @VMware Tanzu

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Luca Mezzalira

Vice President of Architecture @dazngroup

Level Intermediate

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