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Effective Spring + Kubernetes

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Both Spring and Kubernetes have massive ecosystems leading to lots of ways to use Spring on Kubernetes. Which way is the best, what are the pros and cons of different approaches to using Spring and Kubernetes?

This workshop is organized as a series of recommendations for how to best use Spring and Kubernetes together in the Style of the Effective Java book. An implementation of each recommendation is available via a github repo, that you will run during the session. The talk assumes no previous knowledge of Kuberenetes or containers, we will review the key concepts required during the workshop. Topics covered include.

  • Various ways of building container images with Spring Boot
  • Kubernetes health and liveness probes for Spring Boot Applications
  • Kubernetes CPU and Memory Limits for Spring Boot Applications
  • Configuration best practices for spring boot application on Kubernetes
  • CI/CD best practices for Spring Boot Applications on Kubernetes


Adib Saikali

Principal Platform Architect @VMware Tanzu
Adib is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship from assembly to JavaScript from pitching venture capitalists to advising senior IT executives at Fortune 500. Adib is currently a Principal Platform Architect at VMware. Read more Find Adib Saikali at:

Friday Nov 6 / 12:00PM EST (3 hours)


Level Intermediate

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  • Basic knowledge of Spring Boot 
  • Docker & docker compose
  • Minikube or k8s built into docker desktop
  • Favourite Java IDE
  • Java 11 JDK

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