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Deliberately Designing a Collaborative Culture - and Keeping It Alive When Remote

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Collaborative organizational culture doesn't just happen, it needs conscious and deliberate design and careful nurturing. 

In this workshop, participants will explore what a collaborative organizational culture is, why it matters, and how to deliberately design culture.  

Culture is "the way we do things here" rather than anything written or prescribed, so understanding how leadership attitudes and behaviors influence and create organization culture is vitally important to successfully establish an environment where people are able to bring their whole selves to work, are engaged and positively contribute to the organization's success.
This session is presented as a series of facilitated conversations drawing out the key aspects of organizational culture and showing how it is influenced by a wide variety of factors including structure, geography, promotion policies, and practices, the conversations leaders have, what gets rewarded, ignored or punished, relationships and friendships and a wide variety of other factors.   
By the end of the session, the participants will be able to identify areas they wish to address in their own organizations and will have some resources to help them in their culture design. 


Shane Hastie

Director of Agile Learning Programs @ICAgile
Shane leads the Culture and Methods editorial team for where he hosts the weekly InfoQ Culture Podcast. He is the Director of Agile Learning Programs for ICAgile. He has oversight in the strategic direction and expansion of ICAgile’s learning programs, including maintaining and... Read more Find Shane Hastie at:

Friday Nov 13 / 03:30PM EST (3 hours)


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