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Social Responsibility: Implications of Building Modern Software

Software has an ever-increasing impact on individuals and society. Understanding these implications helps build software that works for all users. This track will look at some of the overlooked considerations that are central to building socially responsible modern software: the environmental impact, the impact of certain designs on global audiences, and the ethics of some of the things we build. Tune in for three different but important viewpoints on this topic.


David Millar

Content & Product Manager @QCon

I am the Content & Product Manager charged with pulling together QCon and InfoQ Live. Previously, I’ve worked as the product manager for FrontlineSMS - an award wining last-mile messaging platform used across Africa. I’ve also worked as a campaign technologist, assisting political campaigns across sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and Latin America to effect change through adopting technologies to identify and communicate with supporters.


Wednesday Nov 18 / 09:00AM PST


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