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Modern API Architectures

APIs are the doorways we go through to access modern microservices. They power public facing customer experiences and provide essential data and functions for internal needs. There are a plethora of choices for developing APIs - from REST to gRPC to Thrift to GraphQL and more. The solutions we choose need to work not just technically, but also for the humans designing and interacting with those APIs. In this track, we’ll explore a few notable API architectures to extract the patterns and practices that apply to building modern API architectures anywhere.

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Wednesday Nov 11 / 12:00PM EST



Philip Fisher-Ogden

Director of Engineering @Netflix
Philip Fisher-Ogden is the Director of Engineering for Product Edge Systems at Netflix, a group that develops and runs highly available API orchestration layers and critical edge services for Netflix. Prior to Netflix, Philip explored the impact technology could have on education as a Teach for... Read more Find Philip Fisher-Ogden at: