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Mechanical Sympathy: The Software/Hardware Divide

Software and hardware are like two sides of the same coin. One doesn’t make sense without the other. No matter which domain you work in, you should have an understanding of the other side. But what does understanding mean? What can software engineers learn to help extract the most out of the hardware their applications run on?

This track will look at the boundary between hardware and software. What are capabilities that the hardware provides we can take advantage of? What are the challenges to look out for? How do we create/apply new tools and techniques to deal with all the latest trends in hardware to extract maximum performance from our systems?


Ed Hunter

Engineering Leader @Netflix

Ed Hunter is an Engineering Director at Netflix running the Performance and Demand engineering teams. These two teams build the tools and techniques to help the Netflix microservice owners ensure their services run as efficiently and reliably as possible with the resources they need. Prior to Netflix Ed was at Juniper Networks running the FreeBSD team for JunOS. Before that he spent many years at Sun Microsystems working on first SunOS and then Solaris. While at Sun he also spent time on advanced development projects for Sunsoft. Towards the end of his time at Sun he did some research in datacenter cooling. Throughout his career he has always had an interest in finding ways to extract the maximum amount of performance from hardware.

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Wednesday Nov 18 / 09:00AM PST


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