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Languages of Infra

More than just Infrastructure as a Service, today we have libraries, languages, and platforms that help us define our infra. Languages of Infra explore languages and libraries being used today to build modern cloud native architectures.

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History of Infra as Code

Wednesday Nov 4 / 10:00AM PST

A language is a structured system of communication. Both our human and computer languages enable, shape, and constrain the concepts we can effectively express. A whimsical look at the co-evolution of infrastructure and code starting from the beginning of time to the present with a look to the...

Andrew Clay Shafer

Coined the Phrase DevOps, currently VP Transformation @RedHat


Helm: Past, Present, Future

Wednesday Nov 4 / 10:50AM PST

Building towards Helm 4, we had to continually ask ourselves what exactly we were trying to build. In the aftermath of Helm 3, we have reached new levels of clarity about where we want to go, and how we want to build a tool that continues to serve the needs of the Kubernetes community.

Bridget Kromhout

Principal Program Manager @Microsoft

Matt Butcher

Principal Software Developer @Microsoft

Matt Farina

Software Architect @Rancher_Labs


Security and the Language of Intent

Wednesday Nov 4 / 11:40AM PST

Infrastructure as code empowers developers and operators to scale systems and maximize availability, but what about improving security? The language of security can be difficult to remember and implement under delivery pressure. In this talk, I’ll discuss why the language of security for...

Tracy Holmes

Developer Advocate @HashiCorp

Petros Kolyvas

Product Manager for Terraform Core @HashiCorp

Interactive Session

Languages of Infra Panel: Bash to Ruby to Go to Rust

Wednesday Nov 4 / 12:30PM PST

When we think of infrastructure, it's natural to think of shell scripts, but over the past few decades, there have been successive waves of newer languages being used to write and run infrastructure software. Ruby held the crown for a while, but then many things that started out in Ruby got...

Chris Swan

Fellow, VP, CTO Modern Apps & Cloud Native @DXCTechnology

Cornelia Davis

Chief Technology Officer @weaveworks

Ian Miell

Cloud Native Consultant @containersoluti

Justin Cormack

Developer @Docker

Ashley Williams

Core Rust Team @RustLang

Track Host

Wes Reisz

Platform Architect @VMware & Creator/Co-host of #TheInfoQPodcast, previous VP of Technology @Section

Wesley Reisz is Platform Architect at VMware and former VP of Technology at Section (an Edge Compute Platform). Wes also chairs the San Francisco edition of QCon.Before VMware, Wes served as the product owner for all of the English speaking QCon conferences worldwide, was a...

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