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Java: Delivering Continual Innovation in a Mature Software Ecosystem

Java is now over 25 years old. Very few languages achieve sustained popularity over such a long time range, but Java's blend of qualities (Stability, backwards compatibility, developer tooling and focus on production grade software) have proved to be a huge success and to resonate with the industry.

In this track, we will explore what it means to continue to deliver major innovation in a mature software ecosystem, and how Java is looking ahead to thrive in the new world of cloud, containers and a world of software that is more diverse than ever.

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Tuesday Nov 17 / 12:00PM EST



Ben Evans

Java Champion, Author of "Java in a Nutshell"
Ben Evans is Principal Engineer and Architect for JVM technologies at New Relic. Prior to joining New Relic, Ben co-founded jClarity (acquired by Microsoft) and was Chief Architect (Listed Derivatives) at Deutsche Bank.Ben is the author of 5 books - "The Well-Grounded Java Developer",... Read more