Susie Xia

Senior Performance Engineer @Netflix

Susie works on the Performance Engineering team at Netflix. The team is responsible for bringing higher efficiency to the Netflix streaming and studio environments, identifying bottlenecks and optimizing systems with creative tooling and analysis. On the team, she has been focusing on making video encoding systems fast and efficient.

Prior to Netflix, she worked at LinkedIn and Salesforce, where she helped improve service performance end-to-end and build automations for root-cause analysis and capacity analysis.


Improving Video Encoding System Efficiency @Netflix

Every show on Netflix is encoded for the device type and bit rate that is optimal for the customers. For any one show that can be tens of different encodes, generated by a large-scale system that scales up to hundreds of thousands of CPU cores concurrently. As the performance team at Netflix, we are motivated to tune the system to generate encodes quickly and efficiently. 

In this talk, we explore the challenges of improving the efficiency of video encoding systems at Netflix scale, and cover actions we take to achieve it by leveraging high-resolution telemetry tools, hardware features, and resource-aware task scheduling.


Wednesday Nov 18 / 09:00AM PST (40 minutes )

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Mechanical Sympathy Panel

In this panel, we’ll continue the conversation about mechanical sympathy by bringing our speakers back to discuss where they see future trends and new ideas they have yet to try. We will touch on new tools that can provide even better insights into what is happening in our systems. We will also talk about different design choices that we as developers are able to make as hardware continues to evolve and the problems just get bigger and more complex. This will be an opportunity to learn more about how you can apply what you’ve heard in the talks to projects that serve your business.


Wednesday Nov 18 / 11:30AM PST (40 minutes )

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