Silvia Esparrachiari

Software Engineer @Google Silvia has been a software engineer at Google for 10 years, having worked at User Data Privacy, Spam and Abuse Prevention, and most recently in Cloud and Infrastructure/SRE. She has a bachelor in Molecular Science and a masters in Computer Vision and Human-Computer Interaction. Her current focus at Google is to promote a respectful and diverse environment where people can collaborate and grow their technical skills.


Pitfalls and Patterns in Microservice Dependency Management

A distributed system is one in which the failure of a computer you didn't even know existed can render your own computer unusable." -- Leslie Lamport, May 28, 1987. Building a product based on microservices has many advantages as vertical/horizontal scaling, independent release cycles and logical decoupling. But allowing microservices connections to grow unbounded can also lead to complex architectures. In this talk, we will review the most common traps and tips for better alignment between microservices traffic and their backend dependencies. Have you ever launched a new feature just to discover your database didn't have enough resources to cope with the new requests? Has your service experienced poor performance in one region when a backend had an outage in another one? Can a service offer a higher SLO than its backends? Let's take a deep look into these scenarios and understand what happens and how can we guarantee good service at all times.


Tuesday Nov 10 / 01:50PM EST (40 minutes)

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