Savin Goyal

Engineer on the ML Infrastructure team @Netflix

Savin is an engineer on the ML Infrastructure team at Netflix. He focuses on building generalizable infrastructure to accelerate the impact of data science at Netflix.

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Designing Better ML Systems: Learnings From Netflix

Data Science usage at Netflix goes much beyond our eponymous recommendation systems. It touches almost all aspects of our business - from optimizing content delivery to making our infrastructure more resilient to failures and beyond. Our unique culture of freedom & responsibility affords our data scientists extraordinary freedom of choice in ML tools and libraries, all of which results in an ever-expanding set of ML approaches to tackle interesting problems and a diverse set of ML tools and systems.

In this talk, we will share some lessons learned in our multi-year journey building and operating ML systems covering a diverse range of scale - from ad-hoc experimentation on a laptop to large scale model training & serving systems. We will focus on best practices for managing the lifecycle of various ML systems and a design philosophy that is geared towards making data scientists more productive.


Tuesday Nov 10 / 10:00AM PST (40 minutes )

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