Rhys Arkins

Director of Product Management @WhiteSource Rhys Arkins is responsible for developer solutions at WhiteSource. He was the founder of Renovate Bot – an automated tool for software dependency updating, which was acquired by WhiteSource in 2019. Rhys is particularly fond of automation and a firm believer in never sending humans to do a machine’s job.

Sponsored Case Study

Fire Alarms vs. Fire Hoses Keeping Up with Dependencies

Today no one can claim ignorance about the need for an open source vulnerability strategy, so what is yours? Are you the fire alarm type, who prefers to sit tight unless a vulnerability alert is ringing in your inbox? Or are you the fire hose type, staying ahead of the game with a never-ending stream of open source updates to apply?

Join Rhys as he discusses the pros and cons of these two approaches, as well as whether there's a magical middle ground between the two which doesn't involve a fire analogy.


Tuesday Nov 10 / 05:15PM EST (45 minutes)

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