Pranav Dharwadkar

VP of Products @Volterra

Pranav is a VP of Products at Volterra. Previously, he led Connected Car Product at Jasper, acquired by Cisco. Pranav’s connected car products, used by Tesla, GM and Ford, won the GSMA GLOMO award. At PayPal, Pranav drove several percentage point improvements in the checkout conversion rate for its core checkout product. At Cisco, Pranav led acquisitions for the Collaboration group and led product management for the $1B core routing product portfolio. He has six patents and his research is published in the IEEE Distributed Computing and Infocomm.


Discover, Deliver and Secure your APIs...Anywhere

There is growing adoption of Kubernetes apps alongside legacy application clusters, and this change is accelerating with the growing use of hybrid clouds and multiple cloud providers. However, the deployment of multiple K8s clusters introduces operational challenges for API discovery, delivery, and security -- especially due to the rapid spread of APIs.

In this session, Pranav Dharwadkar, VP of Products at Volterra, will help you understand these challenges and introduce an architecture that can alleviate them across different cloud environments, including a developer’s local machine. The webinar will include a live demo of discovering, delivering, and securing APIs across multiple clusters and clouds.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The API-related challenges of operating and delivering modern applications across multiple Kubernetes clusters and clouds
  • How a distributed cloud architecture can provide an end-to-end solution for discovering, delivering, securing and observing an app’s full set of APIs
  • The operational benefits of a distributed cloud architecture for delivering new services (including API-heavy apps)

Wednesday Nov 18 / 12:20PM PST (45 minutes )


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