Petros Kolyvas

Product Manager for Terraform Core @HashiCorp

Petros is product manager of Terraform Open Source with a deep love of education and learning. He is passionate about the future of open source software, occasionally writes music for movies that do not exist, and likes long bike rides on deserted roads.


Security and the Language of Intent

Infrastructure as code empowers developers and operators to scale systems and maximize availability, but what about improving security? The language of security can be difficult to remember and implement under delivery pressure. In this talk, I’ll discuss why the language of security for infrastructure is often lost in translation and how policy as code can help. By using tools such as HashiCorp Sentinel or Open Policy Agent, you can use policy as code to communicate and translate the security intentions you want and expect in your infrastructure.


Wednesday Nov 4 / 11:40AM PST (40 minutes )

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