Jim Walker

VP Product Marketing @CockroachDB

Jim is a recovering developer turned product marketer and has spent his career in emerging tech and open source. He believes product marketing is a core strategic function for early-stage companies and helps them translate complex concepts into a compelling, effective core narrative and market strategy. He is an advocate of the developer and an active participant in several open source communities.


Applications Architecture Considerations for Distributed Systems

Distributed systems and distributed thinking are becoming more popular as we look to squeeze efficiencies out of our once wasteful monolithic applications. The cloud promises elastic scale and can give us an always on and available infrastructure, but our approach to building apps may need to be rethought to take advantage of this promise.

In this talk, we will explore the architecture of CockroachDB, a naturally distributed database designed to deliver transactions at global scale. We will walk through some of the design considerations we considered when architecting our database and provide some key best practices. 

How do you design for scale and resilience IN your application instead of around your application?

Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • Designing for scale and resilience
  • Orchestrating distributed services
  • Distributed principles and application design.

Tuesday May 18 / 02:00PM EDT (45 minutes)

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