Greg Law

Founder @undo_io

Greg is co-founder and CTO at Undo. He likes writing system software to make computers do things that are supposed not to be able to do.  

Greg has 20 years’ experience in the software industry and has held development and management roles at companies including the pioneering British computer firm Acorn, as well as fast-growing start ups, NexWave and Solarflare. It was at Acorn that Greg met Julian and on evenings and weekends, they invented the core technology that would eventually become UDB (formerly known as UndoDB). Greg left Solarflare in 2012 to perform a dual CEO/CTO role during the start-up years, transitioning to full-time CTO in 2018.

Greg holds a PhD from City University, London and was nominated for the 2001 British Computer Society Distinguished Dissertation Award. He lives in Cambridge, UK with his wife and two children. In his spare time Greg catches up on email.

Find Greg Law at:

How to Debug with Remote and Asynchronous Collaboration

In this talk we’ll be discussing new and emerging Time Travel Debugging tools & techniques and how they enable asynchronous collaboration across distributed DevOps teams.

Software development teams have pioneered various forms of remote collaboration and distributed working, long before COVID forced most software development teams to make the jump completely. This year, more than ever we’ve learned that virtual strategies that rely on a clumsy ‘lift and shift’ of physical experiences online just don’t work well.

We’ll run through how Time Travel Debugging (TTD) tools and techniques can enable asynchronous collaborative working, boost the efficiency of testing, debugging (in development and production) and code understandability. 

Time Travel Debugging (TTD) tools and reverse debugging adoption are growing in popularity. We’ll spotlight some of the latest growing number of tools available to developers such as Microsoft’s TTD, LiveRecorder and in this space

Primarily aimed at software engineers/ developers, this talk will also contain helpful advice for anyone in a management/ leadership role responsible for accelerating software delivery, ensuring product stability and performance and enabling engineering efficiency. Though remote working amplifies some challenges, many of these exist in non-remote environments also.


Tuesday Nov 17 / 02:15PM PST (45 minutes )

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