Daniel Edgar

Sr Technical Product Manager @NGINX

Daniel Edgar is a Technical Product Manager Engineer at NGINX, focused on the delivery of application security products. He brings 20+ years of application development experience to the role, helping customers deliver their applications in a secure and operationally sustainable manner.


DevSecOps Workshop

*Sponsored Labs will not have an on-demand recording available*

NGINX DevSecOps 101 is an overview, demo, and hands on installation of NGINX App Protect and NGINX Plus technical training where you will gain hands-on experience is a live environment. We will start by deploying a modern application to K8S and discuss what NGINX Ingress Controllers do, then we will "shift left" and deploy a container with the WAF security policy in a CI/CD pipeline using the tools below. No previous experience with NGINX is required, we will start at a high level to get everyone on the same page.

Workshop Overview:

  • Deploy a full micro-service-based application to a Kubernetes cluster
  • Publish the application with NGINX Plus Ingress Controller and monitor with the real time dashboard
  • Build and deploy NGINX App Protect Docker image to protect the application
  • Monitor the environment with the k8s dashboards and check the logs in an ELK stack
  • Make changes to the environment by triggering a change in GitLab event with Jenkins

Friday Nov 20 / 09:00AM PST (2 hours )



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Application Security with NGINX

Application security is hard, and it’s even harder to do right. If it were easy and straightforward, executives wouldn’t be held accountable for breaches with jail time! In today’s digital‑first world, securing modern applications against cybersecurity threats has become one of the most pressing challenges for enterprises to overcome. Join this webinar to learn how easy it is to leverage NGINX security solutions to protect your applications.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to enforce SecOps-authorized security without disrupting the DevOps CI/CD process
  • How to deploy and manage application security controls across distributed environments such as containers and microservices
  • How to gain an overview of your application security posture with centralized visibility and statistics

Wednesday Nov 11 / 01:15PM PST (45 minutes )

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