Dan Heidinga

Principal Software Engineer @RedHat

Dan Heidinga wears two hats: first as an Eclipse OpenJ9 project lead, and the second as a Red Hat employee. Fortunately, both of those hats let him hack on the OpenJ9 JVM which he's been doing since 2007. Along the way he's been part of the Expert Groups for multiple JSRS including JSR 292 ('invokedynamic') and JSR 335 ('lambda').  He currently has his hands in most new JVM features and all major Java releases. In the past he's spent entirely too long staring at Java bytecode while maintaining the verifier and still enjoys an occasional detour into Smalltalk development.


Starting Fast: Investigating Java's Static Compilation Landscape

We've always wanted fast startup for our applications but the meaning of "fast" has changed radically with the cloud revolution.  This increasing focus on fast startup has put greater pressure on the JVM to start faster and has driven the Java language to look at ways of delaying operations until they're needed.  New frameworks like Quarkus are changing how we develop applications by moving work from runtime to build time. No more classpath searches during startup to find annotations.  But that's not the whole story, Graal's SubstrateVM compiles entire applications into compiled images and OpenJDK has announced Project Leyden to focus on the statically compiled Java space.  What does this mean for you as a developer?  And for your application?  Find out why your technology choices today may affect the success at adopting these options.


Tuesday Nov 17 / 10:50AM PST (40 minutes )

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