Connor Hicks

Lead Developer - Product Discovery @1Password My name is Connor Hicks. I live in Ottawa, Canada, and I lead the Product Discovery team at 1Password. I have been fascinated by distributed systems and web service architecture for a long time, which led me to build the Suborbital Development Platform with the goal of enabling developers to build robust web services as easily as possible. I also love woodworking, camping, and my dog!


Server-Side Wasm: Today and Tomorrow

Wasm has already started making waves in the web development community, enabling developers to run code written in various languages at near-native performance. There is so much potential for Wasm to enable similar capabilities outside of the browser, which is what I explore in this talk. Docker made it easy to run full-blown server applications in a portable way, but Wasm has the potential to take this even further; by enabling developers to write individual serverless functions in the language of their choice, and load them as hot-swappable modules.

I explore Wasm as it is today, and the capabilities that Wasm will bring us tomorrow. I'll use the Suborbital Development Platform to illustrate how Wasm modules can be used to compose powerful server APIs, and talk about what the future of extra-browser Wasm might look like. I discuss how Wasm will enable highly modular code, increased security and performance, and how it intersects with Docker and the Serverless ecosystem.


Thursday Nov 5 / 12:00PM EST (40 minutes)

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