Ann Lewis

(She / her / hers)

Senior Advisor for Technology Delivery at the U.S. Small Business Administration

Ann Lewis is Senior Advisor for Technology Delivery at the SBA, focusing on service delivery, system integration, procurement, and all the places where policy implementation intersect with technology. She is part of a cohort of technology leaders appointed to government agencies, with the goal of helping agencies work together more efficiently to deliver pandemic aid and economic recovery programs.

Ann was previously the CTO of MoveOn where she built the in-house tech team and helped the organization build and scale up core infrastructure. She is a CMU grad and tech industry veteran with deep expertise in cloud architecture, system migrations, distributed systems scaling, and cyber security. She is passionate about helping decision makers better understand technology, and making technical systems actually work for the people these systems serve. She decided to leave her role at MoveOn and join the Biden-Harris administration in early 2021, inspired by the administration’s plans to contain COVID-19, support economic recovery, and center racial equity.

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The World Is On Fire And So Is Your Website

Learn how MoveOn architects and scales a complex ecosystem of custom tools that power political organizing work like rapid response mobilizations, get out the vote programs, and data-driven campaigning... on a nonprofit budget! We'll discuss the modern attention economy, the world of micro-influencers, and distributed system design that is resilient to extremely bursty traffic driven by the extremely unpredictable news cycle.


Wednesday Nov 18 / 12:00PM EST (40 minutes)


Architectures You've Always Wondered About

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Panel: Engineering Leadership Lessons for Improving Flow

Please join this panel of industry experts to talk about how to lead organizational change to improve velocity and quality.

We will discuss topics like:  

  • How to improve organizational structures to help teams focus on the most important priorities
  • How to recognize and remove organizational, process, and cultural impediments to fast flow
  • How to find the sweet spot between standardization and team autonomy
  • How to manage technical debt, and how to decide whether to declare tech bankruptcy

Bring your own questions and topics as well!


Wednesday Nov 3 / 02:10PM EDT (40 minutes)


Optimizing Your Organization for Speed


LeadershipOrganizational PatternsAgileContinuous DeliveryTeam Collaboration

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