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The World Is On Fire And So Is Your Website

Learn how MoveOn architects and scales a complex ecosystem of custom tools that power political organizing work like rapid response mobilizations, get out the vote programs, and data-driven campaigning... on a nonprofit budget! We'll discuss the modern attention economy, the world of micro-influencers, and distributed system design that is resilient to extremely bursty traffic driven by the extremely unpredictable news cycle.


Ann Lewis

CTO @MoveOn
Ann Lewis is the CTO of She is a technical leader, architect, and active coder with 15+ years of experience in software engineering and software management, with a focus on distributed systems and scalability. In her work at MoveOn, she in-housed tech and hired a tech team, modernized... Read more Find Ann Lewis at:

Wednesday Nov 18 / 12:00PM EST (40 minutes)

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