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User Adaptive Security

The chaos and variability introduced by 2020 has made us focus more on how our users securely operate within a culture of Freedom and Responsibility. Join Jesse and Christina as we revisit the challenges we’ve faced in this changing landscape. We’ll talk about how we’ve had to readjust our bets and investments around user-focused security tooling, and will explore some new strategies towards a tiered access approach within endpoint security.


Christina Camilleri

Trust & Safety Product Lead, Games @Netflix

Christina works in Netflix Infosec where she is currently leading the product strategy, execution, and alignment for Trust and Safety in Netflix Games, and previously led and shaped the endpoint security initiative for employees. Prior to Netflix, she worked on the security team at Riot Games,...

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Jesse Kriss

Senior Software Engineer @Netflix

Jesse makes software for humans, and helps humans make better tools. His background is in full stack web development, human-computer interaction, and information visualization. He works on Stethoscope and other user-focused security initiatives at Netflix. Previously, Jesse applied various mixes...

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Failing Fast: The Impact of Bias When Speeding Up Application Security

Tuesday Nov 10 / 02:40PM EST

There is a lot of talk these days about going faster with security, DevSecOps and making security part of your lifecycle. What if _you_ are the reason this might be a pathway to failing fast at security?In this talk, we will explore how bias impacts how we secure our development lifecycles and...

Laura Bell

Founder and CEO of @safestack


Live Interview: Phishing Techniques and Mitigations

Tuesday Nov 10 / 01:00PM EST

Phishing emails are out there, calls from fake IT departments – with many people working from home, social engineering attacks become more popular than ever.In this interview with Joe Gray, we will talk about OSINT and social engineering tactics that trick you into opening an attachment,...

Joe Gray

Senior OSINT Specialist at QOMPLX and Principal OSINT Instructor at the OSINTion


Panel: Security in a State of Insecurity

Tuesday Nov 10 / 03:30PM EST

The pandemic has forced society and the infosec industry to adapt to challenging and sudden behavioral, situational, and technological changes. We will discuss how attackers have taken advantage of this unplanned situation, the unique ways companies have shifted and adapted to these changes, and...

Isaac Potoczny-Jones

Founder @Tozny & Authentication and Privacy Specialist

Nathan Hamiel

Head of Cybersecurity Research @KudelskiSec

Jesse Kriss

Senior Software Engineer @Netflix

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