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Scaling & Optimising the Training of Predictive Models

Modern Machine Learning has brought with it countless advances, both algorithmically and with respect to tooling; there is relentless growth on all fronts. Nevertheless, we are faced with a multitude of challenges when trying to pull all these threads of progress together in a meaningful way, especially when operating on an industrial scale. With huge volumes of data, models of increasing complexity, and a list of hyper-parameters as long as your arm, writing a big for-loop, and using a big workstation is rarely sufficient.  

This talk presents the core building blocks of an entire tool-chain, which is able to deliver on all the above challenges... and more! We assume a "living" model already exists, i.e. a model ready to be trained, tweaked and optimized as efficiently as possible, on a growing dataset. It is not a thought experiment but based on a real solution that was put into production earlier this year.


Nicholas Mitchell

Machine Learning Engineer at @argoai

Nicholas is a Machine Learning Engineer at Argo AI, solving the task of perception for autonomous vehicles. He is also a part-time researcher, completing a Ph.D. in cross-domain applications of AI.

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Tuesday Nov 10 / 02:40PM EST (40 minutes)


Machine Learning for the Software Engineer

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Designing Better ML Systems: Learnings From Netflix

Tuesday Nov 10 / 01:00PM EST

Data Science usage at Netflix goes much beyond our eponymous recommendation systems. It touches almost all aspects of our business - from optimizing content delivery to making our infrastructure more resilient to failures and beyond. Our unique culture of freedom & responsibility affords our...

Savin Goyal

Engineer on the ML Infrastructure team @Netflix


Data-Driven Development in the Automotive Field

Tuesday Nov 10 / 01:50PM EST

In the new era of new mobility where solving many challenging tasks of autonomous driving is not possible with classical software development. It is due to the fact that we cannot write every rule by hand and thus we would like to learn it from a huge amount of data recorded by different driving...

Toshika Srivastava

AI expert @Audi


Panel: The Purpose of Machine Learning

Tuesday Nov 10 / 03:30PM EST

In the machine learning world, there is no shortage of buzzwords. Each trend follows the next in rapid succession, during the panel we will discuss how and when our panelists decide to pick up on a trend and when to focus on proven technology. We delve into these decisions based on their...

Thomas van Heyningen

Data Science Consultant at NAVARA

Nicholas Mitchell

Machine Learning Engineer at @argoai

Jendrik Jördening

CTO @Nooxit

Diana Hu

Startup Advisor and former CTO for Escher Reality

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