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Scaling & Optimising the Training of Predictive Models

Modern Machine Learning has brought with it countless advances, both algorithmically and with respect to tooling; there is relentless growth on all fronts. Nevertheless, we are faced with a multitude of challenges when trying to pull all these threads of progress together in a meaningful way, especially when operating on an industrial scale. With huge volumes of data, models of increasing complexity, and a list of hyper-parameters as long as your arm, writing a big for-loop, and using a big workstation is rarely sufficient.  

This talk presents the core building blocks of an entire tool-chain, which is able to deliver on all the above challenges... and more! We assume a "living" model already exists, i.e. a model ready to be trained, tweaked and optimized as efficiently as possible, on a growing dataset. It is not a thought experiment but based on a real solution that was put into production earlier this year.


Nicholas Mitchell

Machine Learning Engineer at @argoai
Nicholas is a Machine Learning Engineer at Argo AI, solving the task of perception for autonomous vehicles. He is also a part-time researcher, completing a Ph.D. in cross-domain applications of AI. Read more

Tuesday Nov 10 / 02:40PM EST (40 minutes)

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