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Project Valhalla: Bringing Performance to Java Developers

What You'll Learn

1Hear about Project Valhalla, its Value Types, what has changed over time in this area.

2Learn how project Valhalla improves the performance of Java applications by offering a type system better harmonized with the hardware it runs on.

Modern computing has come a long way in the past decade, but are you taking advantage of all it has to offer? Memory latency is the big killer of computing performance and having compact data structures is key to solving this. This session explains the advances being made in Project Valhalla to improve Java's memory density by making it easy to create compact, cache efficient data structures. If you are interested in making your code run faster come to this session to hear what tools Project Valhalla will provide to speed up your application.

Is this an introductory talk to the topic or do you dive in deep? What is this level of this talk?

The talk is geared more towards introductory nature. If you hadn't heard of Value Types, then this would be a great talk to get into the topic. But there's also enough there for people who are familiar with as it discusses some of the newer changes. This project has been under development for many years now and it's evolved in the last few years. If you heard about it three years ago, it doesn't quite look the same as it does now. I'll be touching on some of those changes as well. If the audience wants more detail on specific things, I'll be able to take questions after the presentation.

I'm assuming your persona you're talking to is a Java developer. Is that accurate?

Yeah. This talk is mostly geared towards the typical Java developer. This is something that I feel is important for Java developers, especially developers who care about performance, who want to get their applications to run faster as this is going to be a very important tool to achieving that goal.

What would you say the big takeaway will be from this talk?

The big takeaway would be that in the current Java world, the way things are now, there is a bit of a mismatch between what the JVM type system offers and what works best for the hardware. Project Valhalla is about bridging that gap, offering a language that is simple for users, a language that's effective, productive, but also a language that enables them to get the best out of their hardware.


Tobi Ajila

Java Runtime Developer for the OpenJ9 VM team @IBM
Tobi is a Java Runtime developer for the OpenJ9 VM team in Ottawa, Canada. In the past he has worked on Interpreter optimizations, JVMTI enhancments, JSR 335 and more. Currently, his main focus is on Project Valhalla where he collaborates with other developers in the Valhalla expert group. In his... Read more

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