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Production Infrastructure Cloning++: Reliability and Repeatability

A QA tester greenlights a production deployment which works in their environment but fails in production because of a mismatch in a private dns between the environments. A load test passes in a load testing environment although the same scenario would fail in production because of a mismatch in server sizes. A sales team astounds a potential customer with the product’s feature set, but loses them because there is no reliable way to test out the product's features without making production purchases.

All these stories can be found across dozens of industries and share the same common denominator: the business needs as close a copy to the production environment as possible, and the business is hurt when it does not have a clone. Flexport, the tech unicorn bringing the ancient freight forwarding industry to the new millennium, is no exception. Despite having most of our infrastructure as code, environments still contained ad hoc post-deployment modifications or custom infrastructure for special needs, which kept the setup artisanal as opposed to mass produced. The infrastructure team at Flexport has risen to meet this challenge and have developed a cloud and product-agnostic infrastructure pipeline to naturally handle extra steps and custom configuration naturally, with no special exceptions. This strategy is now allowing us to rapidly, repeatedly, and reliably spin up QA, demo, testing, and development accounts from the same template, solving all of the previous scenarios for us. This talk will go over our general solution in detail which can be utilized to solve the same problems in your businesses.

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JD Palomino

Backend Infra Engineer @flexport
J.D. Palomino is an infrastructure engineer at Flexport, the startup bringing freight forwarding to the standards of the new age. In his role, he is responsible for maintaining and procuring the cloud resources in the various accounts, as well as most of the CI/CD pipelines. J.D. and his team... Read more

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