Pragmatic Performance - Tales from the Trenches

In industry, one if often required to retrofit existing systems to extract more performance out of them. These performance optimization efforts are also performed under deadlines that make the "best'' solution, however attractive, often infeasible. In this talk, we would like to share techniques that have served us well at Target.  

While the scale of data that systems have to contend can be overwhelming, one can use that same scale to one's advantage. By observing statistical patterns in the data, we are able to alter the course of the computation to a more performant path. These course corrections can be done in real time or in an off-line manner. In this talk, we will present two examples that have made their way into production.


Ramesh Subramonian

Principal Engineer @TargetNews

Wednesday Nov 18 / 10:40AM PST (40 minutes )

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