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JD Palomino

Backend Infra Engineer @flexport

J.D. Palomino is an infrastructure engineer at Flexport, the startup bringing freight forwarding to the standards of the new age. In his role, he is responsible for maintaining and procuring the cloud resources in the various accounts, as well as most of the CI/CD pipelines. J.D. and his team prioritize practical, mature, solutions with an eye for long term results, and are currently migrating the company to Kubernetes. In his spare time, he loves to focus on history, musicals, and journalism.


Mathias Schwarz

Software Engineer @Uber Mathias Schwarz has been an infrastructure engineer at Uber for more than 5 years. He and his team is responsible for the deployment platform for stateless services used across all of Uber engineering. Mathias has a PhD in Computer Science from the Programming Languages group at Aarhus University.


Graham Jenson

Infrastructure Tech Lead @Coinbase

Graham Jenson is an infrastructure engineer at Coinbase helping developers securely and reliably deploy software. He has worked on making infrastructure-as-code collaborative, creating large scale cloud systems, and building out the Coinbase monorepo. His driving passion is removing hurdles between a developer having an idea and that idea deployed to production. Follow Graham @

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