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Interactive Session

Panel: Past & Present API Architectures: What, Why, How & When

Choosing an API architecture requires understanding the options and various tradeoffs. Rather than copy another company's architecture, we should seek to understand what led to that architecture and its relative pros/cons. In this panel, we'll explore the multiple API architectures that Netflix & Twitter have built, diving into what led to each and where each might be appropriate to use in other settings.


Jennifer Shin

API engineers for Netflix's consumer and studio experiences
Jennifer Shin is a member of the API Systems team at Netflix where she scales APIs for both the content production and streaming worlds. Delivering highly available content to millions of users worldwide and designing APIs with a view toward availability and usability has been a joy and all-time... Read more


Stephen Spalding

API engineer for Netflix's consumer and studio experiences
Stephen Spalding first encountered the joys of distributed systems while writing multiplayer games for the TI-83 during math class in 8th grade. After earning Master’s degrees in electrical engineering and image processing from GA Tech and ENSEEIHT respectively, Stephen dove into medical... Read more Find Stephen Spalding at:


Steve Cosenza

Tech Lead of the DES API Team @Twitter
Steve Cosenza is a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Twitter where for the last 8 years he's built HTTP and stateful streaming systems as well as the underlying open source Finatra framework that powers them. Steve has a BS in Computer Science from Cornell University, and a MS in Information... Read more Find Steve Cosenza at:

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