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Interactive Session

Panel: Leading Through Challenging Times

The world inside and outside of work is pretty challenging at the moment, as we confront a global pandemic, an uncertain economy, political polarization, and systemic racism. Please join this experienced panel of engineering leaders as we explore how to lead effectively through these challenging times.

Challenging situations can lead to heightened anxiety, change fatigue, and a very legitimate fear of the unknown. We will talk about what leaders can do to help guide their teams through this, and how we can make people feel safe to discuss their situations openly. We will cover what sorts of things we should hold individuals and teams responsible for in the current situation. We will talk about what changes we are seeing as more people are working remotely, and we will talk about the coping strategies we are using for ourselves.

We will, of course, also cover questions and topics in real-time from the audience.


Annyce Davis

Android Google Developer Expert
Annyce is a technology leader with a diverse background in the software development industry. She spent the beginning of her career focused on Web and API development. She then transitioned to tackling the computing challenges presented by mobile devices.Annyce is an Android Google Developer... Read more


Andy Walker

Founder at Kraken Industries
Andy Walker has been doing software engineering for nearly 30 years at companies like Google, Netscape, Skyscanner, Sony and IBM. He is currently semi-retired which consists of trying to write up everything he has learned in the last 30 years and doing advisory work for startups and scale ups.... Read more


Yvette Pasqua

Chief Technology Officer @TeamEXOS
Yvette Pasqua is the Chief Technology Officer at EXOS. She leads the product and engineering team there, sets the company’s overall technology strategy, and loves building world-class software products. Previously, Yvette served in product and engineering leadership roles at Meetup, Haven,... Read more

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