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Interactive Session

Panel: The Future of Functional Programming

Please join Natalia Chechina and Dean Wampler, two well-known functional programming practitioners who bring deep experience from the Erlang and Scala ecosystems, as we talk about what is coming in the future. 

We will continue exploring the track theme on how functional programming techniques influence non-functional language ecosystems, software design, and large-scale systems architecture. We will look at how functional programming techniques continue to be used for heavily performance-critical applications, like real-time streaming and robotics. Lastly, we will speculate on new programming paradigms that will build on or succeed functional programming as we look at quantum computing.

We will, of course, take questions and topics in real-time from the audience as well.


Natalia Chechina

Lecturer in Computing at Bournemouth University
Natalia Chechina is passionate about distributed systems, cooperative robotics, scalability, fault tolerance, and as a result is in love with Erlang. Her research investigates approaches and techniques to enable scaling and efficient performance on commodity hardware where components are loosely... Read more Find Natalia Chechina at:


Dean Wampler

Principal Software Engineer @DominoDataLab
Dean Wampler (@deanwampler) is an expert in data engineering and Scala, focusing on ML/AI. He is a Principal Software Engineer at Domino Data Lab. Dean is the author of "Programming Scala, 3rd Edition" (forthcoming), "What Is Ray?", and other books and reports from... Read more

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