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The Medieval Census Problem

Delve into the mists of time and the kingdom of Andzania and their progressive queen's journey towards a census of her population. See how the concepts of distributed computing have been known to humanity for hundreds of years and how you can use the medieval census as a model to picture how systems operate today. Also why today's developers are held back by localhost and need to understand high latency, low reliability systems, bad actors, data migration, and abstraction. We'll talk about network protocols such as Horse 1.0 and the development of the Ned microservice.


Andy Walker

Founder at Kraken Industries
Andy Walker has been doing software engineering for nearly 30 years at companies like Google, Netscape, Skyscanner, Sony and IBM. He is currently semi-retired which consists of trying to write up everything he has learned in the last 30 years and doing advisory work for startups and scale ups.... Read more

Tuesday Nov 10 / 03:30PM EST (40 minutes)

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