What Engineering Teams Need From Leaders Right Now

Technical leadership. Hands-on coding. Process management. Project management. Delivery. People management. Architecture decisions. Product oversight. Hiring.—With so many things on an engineering manager’s plate, is it any wonder that many great engineers flounder as engineering managers? 

Yet, in order to retain engineers in a competitive job market, you have to invest in building and supporting your engineering managers. In this talk, I will explain how our organizations currently set engineering managers up to fail, and what we need to change to help them, and their teams, succeed.


Lena Reinhard

Vice President of Product Engineering @CircleCI

Lena Reinhard is VP Product Engineering at CircleCI, the leader in continuous integration and delivery for developer teams. In her 15+ year career, she’s been building and scaling high-performing engineering organisations and helping distributed teams succeed, starting with her own startup to corporates and NGOs.

Lena is an acclaimed international keynote speaker on topics like leadership, DevOps transformation, and organisational scale, at conferences such as O’Reilly Velocity, The Lead Developer, and CTO Summit. She is passionate about helping teams increase their effectiveness and business impact, and scaling culture for organisational performance and health.

Find Lena Reinhard at:

Wednesday Nov 11 / 09:00AM PST (40 minutes )

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