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From Mixins to Custom Hooks: History of Sharing in React

React’s component-driven design simplifies reusing UI because chunks of markup can be encapsulated into custom components. Likewise, sharing traditional data utilities is straightforward because React is “Just JavaScript”™. But what about sharing non-visual component logic like state shape and lifecycle methods? React has had several approaches over its lifetime to solve this problem: mixins, higher-order components (HOCs), render props, and now hooks, each with their pros and cons.

In this session geared towards current React developers, let’s take a history lesson on sharing in React in order to better understand how modern-day custom hooks work and the problems they solve. By the end, not only will we know how hooks function, but we’ll also be equipped to pull out non-visual component logic into easily shareable custom hooks in our apps.


Ben Ilegbodu

Principal Frontend Engineer @stitchfix

Ben is a Christian, husband, and father of 3, with 15 years of professional experience developing user interfaces for the Web. He currently is a Principal Frontend Engineer at Stitch Fix on their Frontend Platform team, helping architect their Design System and build out their Frontend...

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Thursday Nov 5 / 01:40PM EST (40 minutes)


Clientside: From WASM to Browser Applications

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Create Autonomous, Highly Productive Teams By Lowering the Stakes

Thursday Nov 5 / 12:50PM EST

Every company's dream is to have highly productive teams that ship quickly and reliably, self-start while supporting the company's overall strategy and goals, and create as little maintenance overhead and technical debt as possible. Unfortunately, this dream is often undercut by slow...

Jason Lengstorf

Principal Developer Experience Engineer @Netlify & Host of Learn With Jason


Server-Side Wasm: Today and Tomorrow

Thursday Nov 5 / 12:00PM EST

Wasm has already started making waves in the web development community, enabling developers to run code written in various languages at near-native performance. There is so much potential for Wasm to enable similar capabilities outside of the browser, which is what I explore in this talk. Docker...

Connor Hicks

Lead Developer - Product Discovery @1Password


Front End Happy Hour

Thursday Nov 5 / 02:30PM EST

Front End Happy Hour is a podcast featuring a panel of Software Engineers talking about all things front end development.

Jem Young

Senior Software Engineer - UI Infrastructure @Netflix

Stacy London

Senior Front-End Engineer @Atlassian

Ryan Burgess

Software Engineering Manager @Netflix

Jason Lengstorf

Principal Developer Experience Engineer @Netlify & Host of Learn With Jason

Ben Ilegbodu

Principal Frontend Engineer @stitchfix

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