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From Mixins to Custom Hooks: History of Sharing in React

React’s component-driven design simplifies reusing UI because chunks of markup can be encapsulated into custom components. Likewise, sharing traditional data utilities is straightforward because React is “Just JavaScript”™. But what about sharing non-visual component logic like state shape and lifecycle methods? React has had several approaches over its lifetime to solve this problem: mixins, higher-order components (HOCs), render props, and now hooks, each with their pros and cons.

In this session geared towards current React developers, let’s take a history lesson on sharing in React in order to better understand how modern-day custom hooks work and the problems they solve. By the end, not only will we know how hooks function, but we’ll also be equipped to pull out non-visual component logic into easily shareable custom hooks in our apps.


Ben Ilegbodu

Principal Frontend Engineer @stitchfix
Ben is a Christian, husband, and father of 3, with 15 years of professional experience developing user interfaces for the Web. He currently is a Principal Frontend Engineer at Stitch Fix on their Frontend Platform team, helping architect their Design System and build out their Frontend... Read more

Thursday Nov 5 / 01:40PM EST (40 minutes)

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