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Interactive Session

Mechanical Sympathy Panel

In this panel, we’ll continue the conversation about mechanical sympathy by bringing our speakers back to discuss where they see future trends and new ideas they have yet to try. We will touch on new tools that can provide even better insights into what is happening in our systems. We will also talk about different design choices that we as developers are able to make as hardware continues to evolve and the problems just get bigger and more complex. This will be an opportunity to learn more about how you can apply what you’ve heard in the talks to projects that serve your business.


Susie Xia

Senior Performance Engineer @Netflix
Susie works on the Performance Engineering team at Netflix. The team is responsible for bringing higher efficiency to the Netflix streaming and studio environments, identifying bottlenecks and optimizing systems with creative tooling and analysis. On the team, she has been focusing on making... Read more


Adekunle Adepoju

Senior Software Engineer @Netflix
Adekunle works on the Content Platform Engineering team at Netflix, which is tasked with optimizing and accelerating the process of content creation. This involves using engineering methodologies to turn the complex human processes of content creation, into a more deterministic process in order... Read more Find Adekunle Adepoju at:


Ramesh Subramonian

Principal Engineer @TargetNews
Ramesh Subramonian is a Principal Engineer at Target in the High-Performance Computing Group. He likes to build high-performance systems with a focus on efficient usage of computing resources. He earned a PhD in Computer Science from UC Davis after an undergraduate degree in computer science from... Read more

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