Lean and Accelerate: Delivering Value as an Engineering Leader

You may have heard of Lean principles such as "deliver in small batches," "reduce cycle time," or "minimize work in progress," but the reasoning behind them may feel a little vague. They may feel intuitively right, or you've noticed they just work, or we do them because we're told to. But where did these principles come from and why do they work?  

Pulling from the excellent books, '’The Principles of Product Development Flow' by Donald G. Reinertsen and 'Accelerate' by Nicole Forsgren PhD , Jez Humble , et al., I will walk through an overview of the actual science and math behind these and other key lean principles. I will be going into topics such as the cost of delay, the importance of visualizing and managing queues, and the problems of working at full utilization. I will also offer powerful techniques for managing work in progress, prioritizing work, and quickly reacting to bottlenecks in your delivery pipeline.  

With this information in hand, you will come away with more conviction to advocate for and implement these principles and practices in your workplace. You will also be able to demonstrate to your leadership why these changes are important and how they will have a direct impact on employee engagement and morale, as well as the bottom line.


David Van Couvering

Distinguished MTS @eBay

David Van Couvering (affectionately known as DVC) has been building and delivering software for over thirty years, working at companies such as Sybase, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, Castlight Health and WeWork. He has alway had a passion for reducing the pain and delays that accompany software development, and has spearheaded numerous initiatives to improve developer velocity.  When he is not at his computer you will find DVC meditating, playing the drums and telling Dad jokes.

Find David Van Couvering at:

Wednesday Nov 11 / 10:40AM PST (40 minutes )

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