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Interactive Session

Languages of Infra Panel: Bash to Ruby to Go to Rust

When we think of infrastructure, it's natural to think of shell scripts, but over the past few decades, there have been successive waves of newer languages being used to write and run infrastructure software. Ruby held the crown for a while, but then many things that started out in Ruby got rewritten in Go. More recently Rust has started to become the language of choice for new infrastructure projects.    

This panel will pull together experts from across the language landscape to discuss what they see as the benefits and compromises of different choices. As an audience member, you can expect to hear about where to learn more, and have the chance to ask the panel questions.


Chris Swan

Fellow, VP, CTO Modern Apps & Cloud Native @DXCTechnology
Chris Swan is Fellow, VP, CTO Modern Apps and Cloud Native at, where he leads customer adoption of platforms, continuous delivery, and modern languages and frameworks. He was previously CTO for Delivery at DXC, and CTO for Global Infrastructure Services and General Manager for x86... Read more Find Chris Swan at:


Cornelia Davis

Chief Technology Officer @weaveworks
As the Chief Technology Officer at WeaveWorks, Cornelia Davis is responsible for the company’s technology strategy, inclusive of open source projects, commercial products and services offerings. She is driven by the desire to help enterprises transform their business through the leverage of... Read more


Ian Miell

Cloud Native Consultant @containersoluti
Ian Miell has over twenty years' experience in IT, writing, running, architecting, and maintaining software for some of the world's busiest systems.He has written the book 'Docker in Practice' (published by Manning), 'Learn Bash the Hard Way' (published on Leanpub), as... Read more


Justin Cormack

Developer @Docker
Justin Cormack is developer at Docker, working on unikernels. Read more Find Justin Cormack at:


Ashley Williams

Core Rust Team @RustLang
Works on the Rust Programming Language and WebAssembly for Mozilla. Previously, wrote and maintained Rust and Node.js backend services at NPM, Inc. Rust core team member and leads the Rust community team. Founded NodeTogether educational Initiative and member of the Node.js Board of Directors.... Read more Find Ashley Williams at:

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