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How To Take Cloud-Native DevSecOps to the Next Level

As the microservices development environment becomes more and more popular in cloud-based companies, the CI/CD volume is getting bigger and bigger and is changing the way organizations such as LivePerson can integrate DevSecOps tools into their CI/CD processes.

Join Nir Koren, DevOps CI/CD Team Lead at LivePerson, as he discusses:

  • Why it is crucial to enforce security scans from the get-go
  • How LivePerson integrates security scans in their CI/CD for more than 300 microservices
  • The tools LivePerson rely on in order to achieve DevSecOps


Nir Koren

DevOps CI/CD Team Leader @LivePerson

Passionate CI/CD Team Leader at LivePerson with more than ten years of experience in implementing CI/CD processes and also in lecturing and training DevOps engineers and developers in those areas.


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Wednesday Nov 4 / 01:20PM PST (45 minutes )

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