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History of Infra as Code

A language is a structured system of communication. Both our human and computer languages enable, shape, and constrain the concepts we can effectively express. A whimsical look at the co-evolution of infrastructure and code starting from the beginning of time to the present with a look to the future. We'll walk through the progression of ‘Infrastructure as Code' in theory and practice, some problems these developments solved and also some problems they revealed. What can we express today? What do we wish we could express? What will we express tomorrow?


Andrew Clay Shafer

Coined the Phrase DevOps, currently VP Transformation @RedHat

Always fascinated with the dynamics of creating high performing individuals and organizations, Andrew has a long history helping people deliver systems with better tools and processes. Andrew evangelized DevOps before DevOps was a word, and helped to organize devopsdays events since the earliest days of the movement. With more than 20 years of experience in technology, he gravitated to Agile and Lean methods as a software developer in the early 2000s. Applying this to systems evolved into DevOps practices, and now he’s focused on helping traditional organizations change their behavior to deliver outcomes with new technology.


Wednesday Nov 4 / 10:00AM PST (40 minutes )

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