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Greenwater, Washington: An Availability Story

System availability is a personal experience. If you’re having a bad time, it’s not much comfort if everybody else is doing fine. Unfortunately, the traditional ways - and even many of the modern ways - of thinking about availability don’t take this into consideration, and instead treat availability like a system property. This talk is about defining, and designing for, availability that takes people into account, including examples of massive-scale cloud systems designed using these principles.


Marc Brooker

Senior Principal Engineer @AWS
Marc Brooker is a Senior Principal Engineer at Amazon Web Services, currently focussed on database services. He’s been at AWS for 12 years, and has worked on EC2, EBS, Lambda, and IoT. He’s interested in distributed systems, databases, serverless, and economics. Marc has a PhD in EE... Read more

Wednesday Nov 11 / 12:50PM EST (40 minutes)

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