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DEI Is Rooted in Justice. Let's Stop Making It About Profit.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion start with you. We can no longer ignore the inequality that others face in a world that we all live in. Nor can we expect a few people within our organizations to create lasting change when we don’t dedicate ourselves to doing the work too.

DEI. You’ve seen the letters, but do you know what it all really means? Let’s explore the depths of diversity.

We’ll understand equity on a deeper level, why it’s so important and how to spot when it is lacking. I’ll also equip you with some tools on how to foster inclusion within your organization.


Chanita Simms

Founder, Melanin.Tech
To her family, she's the "cool" aunt. To her Mom, she’s still the baby with these big dreams. To her friends, she’s a loving world traveler and mediocre salsa dancer. But to her community, she’s a voice that will not be silenced. Chanita, founder of Melanin.Tech,... Read more

Wednesday Nov 4 / 01:00PM EST (40 minutes)

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