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Data-Driven Development in the Automotive Field

In the new era of new mobility where solving many challenging tasks of autonomous driving is not possible with classical software development. It is due to the fact that we cannot write every rule by hand and thus we would like to learn it from a huge amount of data recorded by different driving fleet cars. Data-driven software development provides flexibility to learn rules, scenarios etc. from the data that is very successful but it also opens new challenges in the field of the automotive world. Some of the challenges are data management systems, smooth and traceable data access to the various developed processes, method, and tools systems in the chain, working with emerging new rules and standards to certify the product after completion etc.

In my talk, I would like to give insight into how we in the automotive field developing which products with data and what are our challenges, and how we are trying to solve the future complex mobility with rules and standards.


Toshika Srivastava

AI expert @Audi
I am an AI technical team lead at AUDI responsible for AI products development for safety relevant automated driving functions. The scope of my work focus on end-to-end development and deployment of safety-relevant AI modules with Systematic process, method, and tools.  I have 6 + experience... Read more

Tuesday Nov 10 / 01:50PM EST (40 minutes)

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