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C#'s Functional Journey

Two decades ago C# started out squarely in the camp of object-oriented programming languages. Ever since, though, there’s barely been a new version of the language that didn’t borrow concepts and features from functional programming; most recently with records. Why do we do it? How do we make it fit? What’s next?



Mads Torgersen

Chief Language Designer of C# & Contributor to TypeScript, Visual Basic, Roslyn, LINQ

Mads is the lead designer of the C# programming language, and a program manager at Microsoft. Over the years he’s also participated in the design of TypeScript, Visual Basic.NET and even Java.

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A Love Letter to Clojure

Thursday Nov 5 / 01:40PM EST

The Speaker is preparing the presentation abstract. More details will be available soon.

Gene Kim

Author of The Phoenix Project, The Unicorn Project & Accelerate


Panel: The Future of Functional Programming

Thursday Nov 5 / 02:30PM EST

Please join Natalia Chechina and Dean Wampler, two well-known functional programming practitioners who bring deep experience from the Erlang and Scala ecosystems, as we talk about what is coming in the future. We will continue exploring the track theme on how functional programming...

Natalia Chechina

Lecturer in Computing at Bournemouth University

Dean Wampler

Principal Software Engineer @DominoDataLab


The Functional Evolution of Object-Oriented Programming

Thursday Nov 5 / 12:50PM EST

The foundation of programming which many of us have used for 20 years is evolving into something new. Concepts including immutability, functions, ADTs, and pattern-matching are helping us solve problems more reliably, understandably, and quickly. This session will help you understand the...

James Ward

Developer Advocate @GCPcloud

Joshua Suereth

Staff Software Engineer @Google

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