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Create Autonomous, Highly Productive Teams By Lowering the Stakes

Every company's dream is to have highly productive teams that ship quickly and reliably, self-start while supporting the company's overall strategy and goals, and create as little maintenance overhead and technical debt as possible. Unfortunately, this dream is often undercut by slow internal processes, unclear ownership, and organizational roadblocks (both unintentional and otherwise).

In this talk, we'll look at architectural and organizational strategies to help free teams up to move more quickly without increasing technical debt or maintenance burdens. We'll identify several common pitfalls that slow teams to a crawl and sap motivation, as well as small adjustments that will help you avoid them. By the end of this session, you'll have clear action items that will allow your company to unlock the potential or your teams and rekindle their motivation to build incredible things!

Main Takeaways

1 Learn about a site and application architectural style that allows a company to improve the code faster with less technical debt.

2 Find out about pitfalls to avoid, to unlock a team’s potential and fuel their motivation.

Jason, what are you working on these days?

Right now, I am working at Netlify. At Netlify, I do a lot of projects around the community, around education. I've got a couple of things in the works that I'm pretty excited about there. It's not quite time to release them, but I'm pretty excited. They're gonna be learning resources. I also work on Learn with Jason, which is a livestream that happens twice a week. It runs through and happens on Twitch Live and then gets cross-posted. That's a lot of fun because it lets me bring in experts from around the community and I get to learn for 90 minutes from an expert on a pair programming call with a whole group of people around to ask questions and follow up. That is an absolute blast. And one of my favorite things to work on. And then outside of that, I'm always just working on writing, learning, trying to build out a few ideas that I've got on the side that happen very slowly.

What is the purpose of your presentation?

I am attempting to talk about how the architecture of the sites and apps that we build plays a big factor in the way that our teams operate. And I want to talk about strategically architecting apps in a way that lowers our risk and in turn enables our teams to move with more autonomy and more confidence because there's less at stake if something goes wrong.

What would you like the attendees to leave your presentation with?

My hope is that anybody who sees this presentation is going to get inspired to try this architectural approach and to see how that can unlock their teams and unlock their company to work faster and with more confidence and in a way that feels what everybody wants their company to be, which is shipping quickly and with confidence and responding to customer feedback and putting themselves in a position to really succeed, as opposed to worried that you're accidentally going to take down production or responding to mountains of technical debt or waiting for another team to have a break in their schedules so that they can unlock your team, the things that tend to really drag down a company's productivity and make it feel very emotionally draining when you get stuck like that.


Jason Lengstorf

Principal Developer Experience Engineer @Netlify & Host of Learn With Jason

Jason Lengstorf works as a principal developer experience engineer at Netlify and hosts Learn With Jason, a live-streamed video show where he pair programs to learn something new in 90 minutes. He spends a lot of time telling people that the formula for success and happiness is to lift each other...

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Principal Frontend Engineer @stitchfix

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