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Front End Happy Hour

Front End Happy Hour is a podcast featuring a panel of Software Engineers talking about all things front end development.


Jem Young

Senior Software Engineer - UI Infrastructure @Netflix

Jem Young is a tall engineer at Netflix who loves dogs, reading, and clean code. He really enjoys working across the stack but his true passion lies in JavaScript and building a clean user experience. He believes that empathy is the key to building an effective UI and when he’s not at the gym or chasing his cat, you can find him hassling other engineers to write more tests.


Stacy London

Senior Front-End Engineer @Atlassian

Stacy London is a Senior Front-End Engineer at Atlassian. While at Atlassian, she’s worked on Bitbucket Cloud, the Frontend Platform team where she focused on building UI performance tooling, and now Trello. She’s also a panelist on the podcast the Front End Happy Hour.

Find Stacy London at:


Ryan Burgess

Software Engineering Manager @Netflix

Ryan Burgess is a Software Engineering Manager at Netflix. He leads a UI engineering team responsible for building and iterating the Netflix signup flow on iOS, Android, Web, and TV. Ryan is also the host on the popular front end podcast, Front End Happy Hour that focuses discussions on a breadth of engineering topics.


Jason Lengstorf

Principal Developer Experience Engineer @Netlify & Host of Learn With Jason

Jason Lengstorf works as a principal developer experience engineer at Netlify and hosts Learn With Jason, a live-streamed video show where he pair programs to learn something new in 90 minutes. He spends a lot of time telling people that the formula for success and happiness is to lift each other up and share what we learn. He is trying his very best to follow his own advice. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Find Jason Lengstorf at:


Ben Ilegbodu

Principal Frontend Engineer @stitchfix

Ben is a Christian, husband, and father of 3, with 15 years of professional experience developing user interfaces for the Web. He currently is a Principal Frontend Engineer at Stitch Fix on their Frontend Platform team, helping architect their Design System and build out their Frontend Infrastructure (aka DivOps). Ben also is a Google Developer Expert, Microsoft MVP, and enjoys playing basketball, DIY, watching movies, and tweeting / blogging about his experiences with new web technologies.

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