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Building Inclusive Software: Considerations and Constraints

Going beyond classic web accessibility considerations like screen reader support and multi-language support, Sitati’s talk will focus on less often discussed implementation decisions that exclude millions of users, especially those in the developing world where many classic assumptions about internet users do not hold. He will draw from his experience in building software in Kenya for both African and global audiences to recommend key tools & actions for building more inclusive technology.


Sitati Kituyi

CTO @Pula, former CTO @FrontlineSMS
Sitati is an engineering team lead based in Nairobi, Kenya. In his current role as CTO at Pula, he leads a distributed engineering team in building agricultural insurance tech infrastructure, through which over 1.3 million smallholder farmers across Africa are insured. As CTO at FrontlineSMS, he... Read more

Wednesday Nov 18 / 01:40PM EST (40 minutes)

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