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Intentional Distributed Teams

While a few companies have been working in a distributed style for a while now, most companies were forced to make the jump in a hurry in early 2020. We’ve been doing the best we can, “winging it”, in an abnormal and uncertain situation.  

One thing is clear, though: things will not be the same. Even when pandemic fears fade, remote work and distributed teams will be an ongoing part of the technology sector. Whether your company was already a distributed team or is trying it for the first time, it’s time to rethink. The post-pandemic world will not be like 2019, and it won’t be like 2020, either.  

So it’s time to take a more intentional approach. How can your company shift from “just getting by” to really excelling, successfully adapting to the uncertain future? How can you attract, care for, and retain the kind of employees you need, when you’re suddenly competing with companies across the nation, not just across town? How can your company stay productive, creative, and driven when you’re distant from each other?


Maria Gutierrez

Sr Director of Engineering and co-site lead @intercom London

Maria is Sr Director of Engineering and co-site lead for Intercom London. She also leads Intercom's global R&D Operations function with a focus on building a more efficient and effective Product and Engineering organisation at scale. With 20 years of experience in the software industry, Maria has previously led globally distributed teams at LivingSocial and FreeAgent.


Glenn Vanderburg

Executive Director at @remax

Glenn Vanderburg is a software engineer, engineering leader, and speaker who has been working remotely for half of his 30-year career. As an individual contributor, he learned how to work remotely as part of a team; later, as a manager and leader, he has experienced different kinds of distributed team challenges. He is an Executive Director at RE/MAX.

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