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The World Is On Fire And So Is Your Website

Learn how MoveOn architects and scales a complex ecosystem of custom tools that power political organizing work like rapid response mobilizations, get out the vote programs, and data-driven campaigning... on a nonprofit budget! We'll discuss the modern attention economy, the world of micro-influencers, and distributed system design that is resilient to extremely bursty traffic driven by the extremely unpredictable news cycle.


Ann Lewis

CTO @MoveOn

Ann Lewis is the CTO of She is a technical leader, architect, and active coder with 15+ years of experience in software engineering and software management, with a focus on distributed systems and scalability. In her work at MoveOn, she in-housed tech and hired a tech team, modernized and upgraded MoveOn’s software infrastructure, created and scaled up new systems for MoveOn’s 2016 presidential election program, 2017 Resistance programs, and 2018 midterm election program, and co-ran and launched a rebranding effort across all MoveOn web properties. Ann sees opportunities for new collaborations between the tech and organizing worlds, to modernize infrastructure, bring in best practices, and scale impact of tools. Ann is passionate about using tech and data to scale the impact of organizing, ensuring that systems of power are fair and accountable, and harnessing people power to hold governments and corporations accountable. You can find her on twitter here: @ann_lewis

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Wednesday Nov 18 / 09:00AM PST (40 minutes )

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