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AIOps - the Next Frontier of Observability

What You'll Learn

1the rules for implementing AIOps

2the fundamentals of AIOps

3the criteria for prioritizing automation

Developers, you are responsible for your code. After DevOps, you are responsible for keeping it running in production as well. AIOps can reduce that toil if you follow the five rules of Implementing AIOps. You will learn the rules, starting with the fundamentals of AIOps: ingestion; correlation; detection and automation. The other four rules will cover the stepping stones to implementing AIOps including the criteria for prioritizing automation.


Marco Coulter

Technical Evangelist @AppDynamics
As the Technical Evangelist for AIOps at AppDynamics, Marco Coulter is passionate about the experience humans have when interacting with technology. A former startup CTO, Marco has progressed from operator to leadership roles at CSC, CA Technologies, and more recently 451 Research, where he led... Read more

AppDynamics empowers the enterprise with a solution for real-time application and business performance. Together with Cisco, we’re helping companies make mission critical and strategic decisions that improve customer experience and accelerate business in a multi-cloud world.


Wednesday Nov 11 / 03:20PM EST (45 minutes)

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